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Covid Update

19 DEC 2020

Periodically, we have updated the community about our testing of residents and team members as per CMS and CDC guidelines for testing.  In Millard County, we are experiencing high levels of COV-2 virus.  It is no wonder that team members have tested positive for the virus given the prevalence in the community, in our schools, in our church groups, on our sports teams, etc.. We are currently testing team members two times per week.

Six to eight weeks ago we would see one POS test on our team for every ten to fourteen days.  Now we are seeing an average of two to five POS tests for the same ten to fourteen days.  In watching the numbers statewide, most skilled nursing facilities have had POS tests among residents as well as staff.  What makes Millard Care & Rehabilitation remarkable is that to this point, as of todays date, there has not been a single POS COV-2 result.  Because of this, we were able to use additional funding received to purchase testing supplies to increase family visit opportunities for the months of November and December.  In fact, the UDOH and the Ombudsman complimented our team for its progressive way of providing for routine and compassionate care visits - something that many other skilled nursing facilities, in other parts of the state have not provided. 

"It's a balancing act", said Christensen, "you try to protect the people you are entrusted to care for.  You feel they deserve the chance to make decisions for themselves, you want them to see their families and to interact with friends in the community. By the same token, we have data now that suggests that for the elderly (those over 70) this virus is roughly 4 times more deadly than the seasonal flu."   The facility ends up balancing the requirements demanded by its licensing agencies from the state and federal government with the needs and desires of the residents and families.  And finally, we love our team members as well and are trying to offer them support and resources.  It is a challenging time, and we can't say enough about how great our community has been to support us. 

We have great residents who have shown great resilience, patience, and support.  They are courageous and strong.  We have a supportive and flexible group of family members who support their residents and support us as caregivers.  And our team have done the impossible in keeping this virus away from the residents.  We are so proud of them.  We would continue to ask for your faith, hope and prayers on behalf our residents and caregivers.  We want them to be well, safe, and healthy in all aspects. 


Warm regards and sincere thanks,

 - Jeff Christensen, Executive Director.


  • Resident safety is a top priority for Millard Care & Rehabilitation. Every resident and family should have a clean, safe living environment. We know that the spread of this novel virus is a critical issue that requires attention.
  • Millard Care & Rehabilitation has contacted a member from each resident family to communicate vital information regarding this positive case.
  • Millard Care & Rehabilitation is in close contact with our local and state health departments, as well as the CDC, to stay up to date on the information to prevent and manage the spread of Coronavirus.
  • We have reviewed and updated our infection prevention and control plans and our emergency communication plan.
  • We have reinforced to our staff that anyone who is sick should stay home or be tested at the beginning of shift.
  • We are following the same basic procedures used during flu season: handwashing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and covering coughs. In addition we use masks, eye protection and further protection as may be called for in some situations.


We are not permitting visitors and outside contractors per the direction of the local health department. Family can visit by using Facetime or calling, texting or checking in on social media.


Should families who are worried move their loved ones out of skilled nursing centers or assisted living communities?

No. Moving the elderly or frail is risky and often has long-lasting impacts. Research around natural disasters and other emergency events has proven this over time. CDC does not currently recommend transferring residents either home or to the hospital.

How concerned are you for skilled nursing center or assisted living residents?

Just like the flu, we know that the frail and elderly are especially susceptible to this virus. That is why we are in close communication with our local health department, CDC and CMS to ensure we have the latest information and resources available.

Are you having trouble getting things like masks and gowns?

No, Millard Care & Rehabilitation is currently at full stock levels of PPE.


To decrease the risk of viral outbreaks in long term care centers, good processes need to be in place.

  • Efforts should focus on how to decrease the introduction of viruses into a facility.
  • Steps to decrease the spread of a virus between residents need to be in place and followed consistently.
  • Even then, outbreaks may still occur. Facilities should have a process to limit the spread of a virus and treat individuals with an infection to decrease the risk of illness exacerbation, hospitalization, and in severe cases, death.

    To protect the privacy of individuals, no names of those testing positive will be released at this time. Only one (1) staff/team member was positive for COVID-19 on 30 September 2020. No positive tests resulted during the testing conducted in the weeks prior to 30 September 2020.